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September 19, 2011 / amsanjeev

C2DM Workflow Explained

In this article I’ll try and explain the workflow involved in setting up C2DM and in sending messages using C2DM service.

Note: All [C2DM steps] are performed automatically by the C2DM infrastructure.

Steps to setup C2DM

  1. Android device registers to C2DM server and gets an app-user registration id. [Client step] 
  2. Update the application server with the registration id . [Client step] 
  3. Record the registration id and the user-device map.  [Server step]
  4. Authenticate using email id with C2DM authentication service and get the AUTH token.[Server step]

Steps in sending messages

  1. Post messages to C2DM server with registration id and AUTH token [Server step]
  2. Authenticate the request with the C2DM authentication service [C2DM step]
  3. Queue the message on the C2DM messaging queue [C2DM step]
  4. Route the message for delivery to the C2DM messaging server. [C2DM step]
  5. Deliver the messages to the application from the server via the persistent TCP/IP connection [C2DM step]
  6. Remove the message from the messaging queue [C2DM step]

End to end workflow

C2DM Workflow 

C2DM end to end workflow (click to enlarge)

For information on C2DM design, please visit Introduction to C2DM


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